The support of finances
is important for us

The tax and tax consulting support of enterprises, the benefit of advices of growth and administration, the organisation and supervision of their accounts departments and the processes of constitution-transformation and fusion of companies are basic activities of our company.

The company “VRADIS MARIOS TECHNOECONOMIC PERSONAL LTD” is occupied in the area since 1992.
The main activity of the company is tax and compliance support of companies, the provision of development and management advice, organising and monitoring their accounting offices and recommendation- conversion and merger of companies. It is cooperating with distinguished in their area professionals- lawyers, insurers, bankers, scholars- auditors- for more thorough support and guidance in the matters of every company. 
The company works in a private area recently renovated and fully equipped with high tech operating systems, call centers VOIP, online links with the accounting offices of big companies for direct monitoring and update utilizing an investment of 100.000,00€ high which is recently completed. Monitoring and control systems are updated and upgraded weekly with every change that occurs in tax, labor, insurance and tax consulting matters and combined with the experience of our personnel makes our company’s services direct and reliable.


Today the company occupies 6 people on a permanent basis, graduates of higher administration and economy schools, supports and serves more than 200 companies and many individuals within and across borders being established and distinguished in the local market for the quality of its services, the integrity and responsibility of its managers and consequently of its work.
The financial course of the company continues to demonstrate growth trends, a fact that proves its acceptance from the local market.
Among the company’s objectives is the upgrade of its services to its customers with the gradual offer of alternative forms of complete services in law- technical and bank support in cooperation with specialized partners thus offering a service “package” in order to cover a large portion of daily needs of companies and simple citizens combining this way functionality and speed in business deciding, immediacy in control and minimize the final cost. 

First in Greece


Recently from TUV HELLAS- was given for the first time in the whole Greece to an accounting- tax consulting office a certification for tits services according to the standard ΕΝ ISO 9001:2008 as a credit and secureness for their integrity.
No .0108246-24/07/2009

Technological supremacy

We know how much important it is we can support fast and reliably each requirement of your enterprise. We use simultaneously software adapted in the needs of our customers.


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FAX:(0030) 2810 233048.

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